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Control Panel  
The Power Command Control is a microprocessor based generator set monitoring, metering, protection and control system. It offers advanced levels of functions for reliability and optimum genset performance.The power command control with digital paralleling control devices such as synchronizers and load sharing controls, and KVAR / Power factor controls.
Vesta Engineering is a Mumbai based company. Presently engaged in design, manufacturing & supply and installation of power panels, control panel, feeder pillars etc.
Manufacturers & suppliers of electrical Control Panels that include PLC Panel, AC Drive Panel, DC Drive Panel, LT Panel, PCC/MCC Panel, APFC Panel, AMF Panel, Generator Control Panel.
We manufacture and supply our high-quality products to cater to our client's requirements.
Our panel boards are made under strict supervision by qualified personnel. Very strict quality control is exercised on the production lines while the components and other raw materials used are of the best quality available
Its Types
1. A.M.F Control Panel 6. PCC Control panel Control (PCC)
2. Synchronizing Panel 7. ACB Panel
3. D.G. Set STD Control Panel 8. APFC Panel
4. Power Dist. Board (PDB) 9. MCC Panel
5. Change Over Panel Boards 10. RELAY Panel
- Generator Control Panel
We are successfully meeting the demands of generator control panels which have high demand among our valued clients for their capability to deliver efficient performance standards. These generator control panel are manufactured using quality materials procured from reliable vendors including switched, aluminum, copper, L angle, CR sheets, which provides in them optimum functionality standards. Further, we deliver these generator control panels in modular, compact, and rugged construction with fully compartmentalized design options.

Features - Controls for diesel generators consist of following:
  Auto mains failure DG panels
  Auto synchronizing panel
  Standard DG panel
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