Diesel generators: Features and applications

Modern-day diesel generator in Uganda have the capability of automatically transferring the power supply source from the network to the generator during a power cut and this also works the reverse way.

How do diesel generators work?

A domestic diesel generator in Uganda or an industrial diesel generator is used to generate electricity by using a diesel engine with the help of an electric generator. The mechanical energy is converted by these diesel generators in electricity with the help of alternators. Every alternator has a rotor (is a component of electromagnetic system that moves in the electric system.) and a stator (a set of electrical conductors secured in coils over an iron ore.)a moving magnetic field is generated by the rotor around the stator and therefore voltage difference is induced between the windings of the stator thus giving rise to electricity.

Features of diesel generators

  • Power production- the power generation capacity of diesel generators is different and depends upon the type of generators. Industrial diesel generator in Uganda are usually big and supply a large amount of power for a longer period. Big industries that require huge power generally make use of industrial diesel generators. On the other hand, domestic diesel generator in Uganda provide a limited supply of power and are small in size as compared to industrial generators. These generated are best suitable for houses and small shops.
  • Cooling- The cooling capacity of diesel generators depends upon the air. Only the air intake system is used for the cooling function. Many generators also rely on liquids for cooling. For such generators, there is a dedicated system for this purpose.
  • Control and power management- New age diesel generator in Uganda can automatically transfer the power generated from the source of creation to the generators in cases when there is a power cut and vise versa. However, generators these days always display various warning messages like low fuel, overheating and other performance-related concerns along with providing analysis which helps in increasing the efficiency of the generators.

Various uses of diesel generators

  • No commercial offices would like to suffer huge losses caused due to sudden power cuts. It may cost a lifetime of losses to big businesses. This is when industrial diesel generators come to the rescue. These generators can be used as a backup when there is no electricity or sudden power cut. In a country like Uganda, people face huge power cut issues both at home and in offices. Generators are a boon to lives in such areas. Do not let power cut stop your growth. Diesel generators are the most ideal option to choose from.
  • Diesel generators directly transfer the electricity from the grid to the generators. This feature of the diesel generators can be of a huge benefit for people working at job sites. These generators can be used to power machinery as well as power tools where obtaining power from the grid is difficult or near to impossible.
  • Generators can be used in remote regions where the connection is not possible.