Company Profile

Vesta Engineering founded in 2004 The directors having expertise in various Engineering Industries. Since 2004 the company had completed various projects and supplied highly technological and innovative equipments in Indian and international market.

Vesta Engineering has seen business grow exponentially in the past few years. In spite of the rapid growth in operations, the core strength of the company in delivering high quality projects within tight schedules at very competitive prices has not been compromised. This has lead Vesta Engineering receiving repeat business from nearly every customer we had worked with in the past 15 years.

Our Mission

Customer Satisfaction beyond expectation
Exponential Growth by technological innovation
Protect the environment

As an environmentally responsible company, Our Company complies with the environmental regulations advocated by the Government. We follow the necessary Pollution Clearance procedures for a clean environment. Both air and noise pollution are taken into consideration. All our products comply with the norms laid down by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB).


Factory for manufacturing control panels & Generators
R&D division to incorporate latest components to reduce cost and increase in reliability and efficiency
Divisional office in South and Western India and also overseas office in East Africa.

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