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Vesta Engineering complies with the environmental regulations advocates by the Government. We are leading manufacturer and suppliers for Diesel Generators and Control Panels in Kenya.

Diesel Generators & Control Panels manufacturer and suppliers in Kenya

Vesta Engineering has been operating since 2004 within India and Kenya providing solutions for Power Generation to a variety of sectors. We serve off-grid power requirements for construction, telecom, rail, hospital, schools, events or whenever required.

Our advanced Diesel Generators are installed at Kenya Power, Bliss GVS Bungoma Hospital, and more to meet their requirement. Our Diesel Generators are customized to AC and DC outputs.

Our expert industrial designer and engineers will design and develop Diesel Generator as per the requirement. Upon the ready information and requirement list from the client, we conduct a survey and design Diesel Generation as per available information.

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Diesel Generator Sets

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Product Range

Vesta Engineering has a complete generator solution for unreliable power supply in your area. Along with Diesel Generator, we also provide Control Panels, Alternate Energy products and Turnkey Projects for Power Plants.

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Diesel Generator Set in Kenya

Vesta Engineering Diesel Generators are designed for uninterrupted power supply without failing or breakdown. Our Diesel Generator made up with best in technology, less noise at an affordable cost. We manufacture and supplies Diesel Generators, Cummins Diesel Power Generators, Perkins Power Generators to meet all of your power requirements.

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Product Control Panel in Kenya

Vesta Engineering has in-house manufacturing units for Electrical Control Panels using the latest and advanced technology. Each control panels are designed and manufactured with state of art of technology.

Each component processes with quality scan and tested by experts. Our customer care is available to help you and troubleshoot the problems. Browse through the product list by clicking on reading more.

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Alternative energy solutions in Kenya

We work on developing innovating and high-quality products for the alternative energy source. Our product range covers Caps, Garden Lights, Lantern, Home Power Systems and others.

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Power Plant Turnkey Projects in Kenya

Our Turnkey Projects for Power Plant Installation in Kenya includes planning, designing, and installations. We have a team of expert technicians, who can take care of everything and hasslefree installation and setups. Contact us for more details.

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Benefits of Working with Us

As an environmentally responsible company, Our Company complies with the environmental regulations advocated by the Government. We follow the necessary Pollution Clearance procedures for a clean environment. Both air and noise pollution are taken into consideration. All our products comply with the norms laid down by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB).

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Company Profile

Vesta Engineering founded in 2004 The directors having expertise in various Engineering Industries. Since 2004 the company had completed various projects and supplied highly technological and innovative equipments in Indian and international market.

Vesta Engineering has seen business grow exponentially in the past few years. In spite of the rapid growth in operations, the core strength of the company in delivering high quality projects within tight schedules at very competitive prices has not been compromised. This has lead Vesta Engineering receiving repeat business from nearly every customer we had worked with in the past 15 years.

Quality Management

Vesta Engineering an ISO certified company. Our client testimonials speak themselves about our relentless service towards any query or difficulty of our customers.

Vesta Engineering at all levels of our organization committed to achieve and maintain leadership in the field of manufacturing supply & service of engineering equipments to our customers and to maintain high product quality at affordable price.by using advanced technologies & Professionals having good knowledge and experience.

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On rotation all the 3 coils generate equal electricity though non consumption will heatup the coils eventually damaging the insulation. is the auto changeover panel / synchronising panel necessary. auto changeover panel makes sure the shortest possible backup of the electricity also in ensuring the restoration of the mains supply to avoid unnecessary running of the generator & diesel wastage. Similarly synchronizing panel ensures only to run the necessary generators as per the load and avoiding sever fuel usage.

This is very critical to the life of the engine. Lube oil and filters have a life span of 6 months only, irrespective of the running of the generator. Without proper lubrication the engine deteriorates and if prolonged usage without regular servicing will ultimately require major overhauling of the engine due to damage from high temperature and pressure.

The Diesel Generators are available in different capacity and load. This completely depends on how much power output is required for how much time. The requirement of power can analysis on the base of Electrical types of equipment are used during a power outage. To analysis, you need to book an appointment with us for the survey so our technician can visit your place and prepare a report. Or you can do by yourself and provide the required output and backup time.

Below is checklist to determine your Diesel Generators:

  1. Where to install?
    • Commercial
    • Residential
  2. How much power required during no power?
    • List down appliances and electrical equipment required during no power with power consumptions!!
    • List of Critically required & Partial Required equipment
    • List of Pumps and Motor
  3. Calculate total Watts
  4. Convert Watts into Kilowatts

Standby Diesel Power Generators: Standby Diesel Power Generators are used in emergency situations, such as during a power outage. Standby Diesel Power Generators are best for places where power supply is not continuous.

Continuous Diesel Power Generators: Continuous Diesel Power Generators are provide power with base load. If power consumption load increased than it breakdown or stop working.

Prime Power Ratings: It is consider as unlimited run time or consider it has primary power source. It is majorly used for mining or oil sourcing industries.

Yes, we do survey at your place for survey. Feel free to call us or email us for details.

Log a compliant to our customer care or drop a email with details. We are happy to visit your place and try to resolve the problems.