Alternate Energy Solution

Solar Power System & Wind Energy

We are leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of diverse range of solar products which includes caps, garden lights, lantern, home power systems and others. These products are known for cost efficiency and quality designs. Our products are eco-friendly and reduce energy costs as all the products use solar energy to function. With our experienced professionals we are dedicated in providing quality products to our customers

Solar Energy System Projects,Solar Energy Projects India,Solar Energy System India,Projects For Solar Energy System Development Centre for Alternative Policies offers non conventional energy sources which includes Wind and Solar Power generationand its application for domestic, irrigation/agriculture uses..

Solar Home System

Solar - Wind Hybrid Power System

Solar PV Power System for Industrial application

We are leading exporter of technologically advanced, high performance and certified quality range of power back up systems and solutions for home and commercial applications.


Low cut in wind speeds
High output in low winds
Rated power attained at 10.5
m/s Unique angle governing
Stainless steel components


Farm houses
Water pumping
Village electrification
Small homes
Wind solar hybrid power plants
Mini wind farms up to 400 kW
Mini wind solar hybrid system
upto 500 k


Our comprehensive range of power management products and solutions include:
360 inverters (400 va - 40kva)
360 ups (800 va - 25 kva)
360 digital teeny ups 9 hours of back up with 11 w cfl
360 batteries (7. 2 ah - 200 ah)
360 wind power products (600 va - 10 kva)
360 solar home lighting solutions