Why choose changeover switches over others?

Our lifestyle is changing rapidly, and so is the technology around us. Today, you will find solutions to almost every problem, and some things will make your life, a smooth and happy ride. One such revolutionary change in the world of electronics is the invention of changeover switches. Though there are many changeover switch suppliers in Ethiopia, a lot of people are still unaware of it. So, let us understand about these switches in detail.

What is a changeover switch?

When there is a power outage in a house or a corporate space, a changeover switch helps to transfer the electricity from the commercial grid to a local generator. In other words, it moves a circuit from one set of connections to others, where the switch has both the connections and is connected directly to the commercial power supply or line, generator, and the house. It is also known as a transfer switch.

Changeover switches or transfer switches have not one but numerous advantages. Here's a list of few best ones:


The way our lifestyle has changed, it has led to an increase in the use of different natural resources. In this world where depletion is taking place, the changeover switches are being a boon to the society. How? While switching from one circuit to another, they reduce power loss and consume less energy. Thus, helping in the sustainable growth of the mother earth.


Changeover switches are easy to use and handle. You do not need to hire an electrical technician or labour to operate these switches. Once installed, it will start the work on its own. Whenever there's a power cut, the switch will change the electric source, automatically or manually, according to the settings chosen by you. Even if you have zero knowledge about the electrical devices or switches, the safe and secure methodology provided makes it easy to use and handle.

Reliable source

The reason why the number of changeover switch suppliers is increasing in the market is that they're a reliable source when it comes to a power outage. Changeover switches are an exceptional electrical source for heavy-duty applications, and they also come with a CTI of 600 V, which helps them to function in extremely cold places. It also can perform any power outage situation. Hence, it wouldn't be wrong to say that changeover switched have set a benchmark in the electrical advancements.

Saviour in case of emergencies

In corporate spaces, you cannot afford to lose your data to sudden outages, and thus it is ideal to use automatic changeover switches. On the other hand, for households, where there is no need for urgent transfer of electricity, you can opt for manual changeover switches. Whether it is manual or automatic, changeover switches are proven to save us from electric emergencies.

Now, you have all the reasons to go buy changeover switches for your spaces. Know about the different types, and changeover switches prices from Vesta Engineering, the leading changeover switch suppliers in Ethiopia.