Benefits Of Using A Diesel Generator

A diesel generator set does the work of converting mechanical energy to electricity. Factories, commercial offices or households require generators as a backup power in case of sudden power loss to avoid huge losses which would otherwise have adverse effects on business operations. Hence, having a backup power ready becomes very crucial for them. With the temperature reaching extreme levels in summers, many households are also seen using diesel generators to avoid the soaring heat. Perhaps, silent diesel generator Kenya is becoming the most popular diesel generators in the country. These generators are powerful, affordable, favorable and work silently without emitting any noise. Silent diesel generator prices are economical thus saving a huge amount of money.

The reasons why silent diesel generators are used other than petrol generators are listed below.

When compared, silent diesel generators have major preference over other power backup facilities like battery inverters or petrol generators. Cheap silent generator prices Kenya being one of the reasons.

Major advantages of using silent diesel generators.

Gives fuel-efficiency- We all are aware that diesel is cost-effective than petrol or other generators. Therefore the cost of running a diesel Genset is comparatively cheaper than other generators. Apart from this, diesel produces more electricity per liter as compared to petrol or battery generators thus making is cost-efficient.

The cost of maintenance is low- Diesel generators do not have any spark plugs in their engines. In other generators, some components need regular maintenance and servicing and sometimes replacement also. Therefore diesel generators are low maintenance and highly hassle-free. Hence your maintenance cost is saved by owning a diesel generator.

Variety- Diesel generators are available in a variety ranging from 7.5KVA to 5000 KVA. You can choose a generator according to your requirements and are easily available in the market.

Low noise- Silent diesel generators create minimal voice. The design of their enclosures is meant to be soundproof and cause fewer vibrations. Hence they are environment-friendly and an optimal choice for residential use. So the next time when you choose to buy a diesel generator set, feel proud as you are not causing any harm to the environment.

There is much silent diesel genset available in the market of Kenya. Out of the easily available genset, the following are popular

Cummins Diesel Power Generators

Cummins generator technologies are specialized in the manufacturing world’s extensive range of AC generators from 10KVA to 2500KVA control panels. The generators are well known for their toughness, world-class build quality, reliability, and versatility.

  • Few of the features of Cummins diesel generators:
  • Reliability and low lifecycle costs.
  • Highly efficient and operational flexibility.
  • Well established service and fuel supply infrastructure
  • Integrated exhaust for after treatment so the let outs do not harm the environment.

Perkins Power Generators

Perkins is known for 75 years in manufacture and design high performing diesel genset. The engines are designed to meet international standards with exceptional power to weight ratio and compact size.

Whether the requirement of diesel genset is for commercial or residential purposes, you can completely rely on Vesta Engineering as the generators are highly efficient, cost-saving and environmentally friendly.