Factors To Consider While Purchasing Industrial Diesel Generator In Kenya.

A generator is a system that automatically starts functioning within seconds of a power outage. The automated switch senses a power outage and instructs the generator to start and transmits the electricity. Due to the ever-increasing need for electricity by industries in Kenya, the country often has to face load shedding problems. Due to this, offices and residential areas opt to buy industrial DG sets and residential diesel generators as backup power. Factors like lack of electricity access to rural areas leading to increased dependency on generators. There are several industrial DG sets supplier Kenya that provides high performing generators.

Before choosing the right generator many factors need to be considered depending on your requirement

Cost- the cost of the generators is one of the major factors you need to consider before buying. Industrial DG sets come are available at varied prices depending on their functioning and use. If your budget is limited, make sure you finalize a generator that does not give the maximum output and does not require much maintenance and is highly durable.

Power- Before buying a generator, make sure you are aware of the power requirement. One major question that needs to be looked upon is in case of a power outage, will the generator supply electricity to the entire premises or only the emergency loads. If the requirement is for big premises the power needed is more and the opposite for emergency loads. For the household purpose, the power required depends on the use of electricity in that particular house.

Fuel- There are several fuels used in generators like diesel, gasoline, biodiesel, emulsified diesel, propane gas, and natural gas. Before settling on a generator, make sure the fuel used is commonly available so that the supply will be constant in case of emergencies.

The voltage required- Do not forget to consider the voltage required by generators before buying it. An average voltage that generators require is 120V to 240V. In the event you are not aware of the voltage, consulting an electrician is ideal.

Generator warranty- A generator warranty is a time a generator should word without breaking down. Warranty can range from one to five years depending on the type of generator. You should be aware of what is covered under the warranty in case the generator breaks out before the end of the warranty period. You can also upgrade your warranty period if you want increased protection.

Maintenance- Your generator needs proper maintenance so that it keeps functioning and runs smoothly whenever a power outage takes place. Keeping your generator well maintained makes its reliable operation. Hence, make sure that your retailer has a decent after-sale service to help the proper maintenance of your generator.

Installation- It is advisable to hire an experienced electrician for installing your industrial diesel generator. You should always procure generators from a reputed company that has a good history of service and quality.

Considering the above factors are important since they will help you in buying a generator that fits your requirement and saves your time and money.